Campaign on drink-driving will continue, police pledge

MOTORISTS have been warned that a police crackdown on drink-driving will continue throughout the year to prevent hundreds of injuries on North Yorkshire's roads.

Figures released yesterday by North Yorkshire Police revealed 30 people have been killed and nearly 800 injured because of drivers over the legal limit on the county's roads in the past five years.

Senior officers have stressed that they will continue to enforce a tough stance on anyone caught over the limit after making another two arrests this week.

North Yorkshire Police's head of road policing, Insp Dave Brown, said yesterday: "Drink-driving is an offence that we find totally unacceptable.

"It needlessly costs innocent lives and we are focused 12 months a year on reducing the number of casualties caused by drink-drivers on the roads of North Yorkshire.

"The Christmas campaign was a success, as it was the year before, however we will not stop there. If you drink and drive you will be caught, no matter what time of year it is.

"If you are caught you will be put before the courts – which also take a dim view of drink-driving – and be banned or, depending on the nature of the offence, be given a custodial sentence."

Insp Brown also urged the public to tip-off police about any motorists they believe may be over the legal limit.

He added: "I am hoping that the community will continue to supply us with good quality intelligence about people they suspect of driving while under the influence.

"If you think you know a drink driver let us know, we will act on it and it could save a life."

The Yorkshire Post revealed earlier this month that thousands of people were breathalysed and 81 arrested during North Yorkshire Police's festive season crackdown.

The force's annual drink and drug campaign, which came to an end on New Year's Day, was billed as its biggest ever, with officers vowing a zero-tolerance approach.

More than 4,000 people were breathalysed by officers throughout December and a fast-track court system, established for the duration of the campaign, banned 11 motorists from driving before Christmas.