Protests ‘monitored’ by Yorks police

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North Yorkshire Police have confirmed they are monitoring the protests that have been sparked by test drilling in other parts of the country.

A spokeswoman said: “The force already has well trained public order officers who are familiar with such situations and can also call on mutual aid from other forces if necessary.

“However, as with any protest or demonstration, North Yorkshire Police respect people’s right to conduct a peaceful protest, but will respond appropriately to any disorder or disruption.”

Julia Mulligan, police and crime commissioner for North Yorkshire, said: “As with any large-scale development, there will inevitably be local concern and likely some resistance to fracking.

“Like most protests, it is hard to predict whether demonstrations will take place and, if so, their potential scale and policing costs.

“What’s important at this stage is that police forces have effective plans for policing demonstrations.

“If, in future, demonstrations begin to become more widespread and look to become a national issue, then Government and police forces may then need to consider how demonstrations are policed and how they are funded.”