What you can do to back our campaign

Loneliness is rife among over 65s living alone
Loneliness is rife among over 65s living alone
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Readers are being invited to play their part in the Yorkshire Post’s campaign to highlight the hidden epidemic of loneliness in our communities by writing to the region’s health chiefs.

A letter is available on the Yorkshire Post website for you to download, print, sign and send by post or email to your local health and wellbeing board.

The letter calls on local authorities to ensure that loneliness and isolation are explicitly highlighted in their overarching and agenda-setting strategies among their area’s key health priorities.

In partnership with the Campaign to End Loneliness, the Yorkshire Post wants all local authorities to demonstrate that they are firmly committed to developing and maintaining services which explicitly aim to reduce the number of people across the county who are suffering from loneliness and its associated health impacts.

Kate Jopling, director of the Campaign to End Loneliness, said: “We would urge readers to contact their local health and wellbeing boards or clinical commissioning groups to find out what is being done in their area to combat loneliness and isolation, and to seek out opportunities to get involved in the efforts.”

If you have your own personal reasons for backing our campaign, whether it is by writing to your local health and wellbeing board or by becoming a volunteer in your community, please share your story with us by emailing ben.barnett@jpress.co.uk

For the latest news about our campaign, including a special video report, visit: yorkshirepost.co.uk/loneliness