Can you solve mystery of wedding photos found stashed under Sheffield kitchen sink?

A stash of wedding photos which may have been hidden under a kitchen sink for nearly sixty years has been unearthed during renovation work at a Sheffield house.

Do you know this bride and groom?

The box of black and white photos of a mystery couple was found stashed away behind a panel at a house in Heeley - and the album could have been hidden away since the 1950s or 1960s.

There are no clues about the couple in the photos or where and when their wedding took place. However, judging from the pictures, which were discovered inside a dusty, green cardboard box, the ceremony seems to have taken place in the 1950s or 1960s.

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Paul Davidson passed on the collection of pictures to The Star after a neighbour found them while carrying out renovation work in a kitchen at number five, Cambridge Lodge, Kent Road in the hope the riddle can be solved.

The bride poses with her four bridesmaids on her wedding day.

He said: "It would be great if we could return them to their rightful owner and find out the story behind them and how long they have been hidden away."

Mr Davidson says Cambridge House is a block of flats for people in their over 60s and believes they may have been left behind at some stage by one of the people in the photos or a relative of the couple.

He said: "My neighbour was doing some work in the kitchen when he lifted a board up and found the pictures. It is an unusual place to store wedding photos as it was under the kitchen sink where of course it could get damp, so I'd be interested to know why they ended up there."

He added that the neighbour who found the photos had lived at the address for more than ten years - and believes the pictures could have lain undiscovered for even longer.

The mystery bride is all smiles on her big day.

The pictures show the bride getting ready to travel to her big day, travelling to the church from a terraced street - complete with traditonal gas lamp - in a stretch limousine with what appears to be her father, smartly dressed with a knitted jumped beneath his wedding suit.

In another picture, the bride is seen clutching a bouqoet and posing with her four bridesmaids on the steps of the church.

One photo taken inside the church shows the priest overseeing the service as family look on while another appears to show the groom and possibly best man arriving at the church.

Only one of the pictures carries any clues - a photographer's stamp which read W & L and a scribbled address - 32 Poole Road - which is an address in Darnall.

Another photo from the mystery wedding album.

Added Mr Davidson: "Hopefully someone out there will know something and we can get them back to the right person."

* Do you know the couple or the family in the photos or how they ended up under a kitchen sink? Contact [email protected] if you can help solve the mystery.

The bride arrives at the church with what appears to be her father.
The priest leads the mystery couple's service while family look on.
Is this the bridegroom and best man arriving at the church?
Do you know who the mystery bride is?