Cancer op ordered for woman in denial

Doctors have been given permission to perform potentially life-saving cancer surgery on a delusional woman who refuses to believe she has the disease.

A judge at the Court of Protection in London ruled that the treatment would be lawful and in the best interests of the 61-year-old schizophrenic known as ‘K’.

Mr Justice Holman said: “She has cancer of the uterus. She could be cured by a potentially life-saving operation.

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“However, because of other co-morbidities and other factors there is a considerable risk that she could die during the operation or in the post-operative recovery period.

“She herself lacks the capacity to make an informed decision. She denies that she has cancer at all and opposes, and is resistant to, the operation.”

The judge granted declarations to the trust, which also cannot be named, that the proposed surgery would be lawful “notwithstanding K’s refusal to consent”.