Canterbury for the Catholics?

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From: David W Wright, Uppleby, Easingwold.

FOLLOWING the news of Rowan Williams’ resignation as Archbishop of Canterbury, there is an opportunity for change and a round of musical chairs.

In view of Dave Cameron’s aptitude for sermonising and reform, I suggest that he could be a candidate for the job thus leaving the post of PM vacant for Boris Johnson or Bernard Ingham – both of whom have practical and forthright views.

But where does this leave the rudderless Church of England? Ripe for a takeover I suggest, and who better than the Catholic Church to re-invigorate the tired CoE with some positive, much-needed and outspoken views.

From: Peter Hyde, Kendale View, Driffield.

FOR Rowan Williams to declare war on David Cameron is the joke of the century.

Just look at the coverage his intended resignation warranted on the BBC and compare it with the coverage given to the Bolton footballer Fabrice Muamba who had a heart attack when playing and you will be able to calculate how much concern Rowan Williams’s statement will give David Cameron.

French connection

From: Jonathan Hirst,, Wellington Street, Leeds.

ISN’T it remarkable that the Leeds City Region LEP, which frequently states it has “no budget”, deemed it appropriate to throw £10k of the money they don’t have on a trip to the French Riviera for a conference (Yorkshire Post, March 20)?

Any business person appreciates the need to attract inward investment but surely they need to focus their efforts on getting their own “local” house in order first? A lack of communication and accountability surely means the LEP’s days are numbered.