Car with 'Tis but a scratch' sticker on it flips onto its roof in Leeds

The sticker may have been optimistic, but the condition this car was left in after its driver flipped it over told another story.

It's a bit more than a scratch isn't it... Photo: West Yorkshire Police RPU/Twitter

The driver of this car was 'lucky to walk away' after he flipped it onto its roof on the A1 in Leeds.

-> Police smash car windscreen to rescue two dogs left in sweltering car in YorkshireA sticker had been put on the car when it was being driven around, stating 'Tis but a scratch'.

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Ironically, the accident left it with much more than a scratch.

The incident, which happened late on Monday, June 25, left the silver Vauxhall Corsa completely smashed in, its roof flattened.

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said: "A1 Leeds area - driver was lucky to walk away from this after flipping it onto its roof. I think his sticker still applies"