Care home plan for historic Leeds Bramham House

A plan for a new care and housing complex at a historic site in Leeds has been submitted.

Bramham House.

Developers want to convert the derelict former Bramham House children’s home on Freely Lane in Wetherby – but keep the front facade – and create the 60-bed facility along with eight “close care” houses and six apartments, as well as 10 houses to go on the market.

Leeds City Council confirmed that it and The Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust are selling the site to Freely Lane Ltd, which is due to carry out the work.

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The site would be split into two uses – private housing and a residential nursing home with self-contained apartments and houses.

All residents of homes falling under ownership of the care operator would have access and use of the main care home communal facilities, laundry, managed grounds, and more.

The private housing element would consist of new-build detached homes to the south-east corner of the plot.

Bramham House is a 19th century property used in the mid-20th century for a children’s home which is “in a derelict state of repair and in a structurally unsafe condition,” according to planning notes.

A statement by architects reads: “In line with the planning brief we propose to retain Bramham House.

“Following a structural review by an engineer, the conclusion is that due to its current condition the only viable way to do this is a façade retention scheme.

“A façade retention, coupled with a contemporary extension, will form the care home.”

Various meetings and correspondence between developers and a number of council officers have taken place, planning documents state.