Cars still speeding on road where tragic teenager was killed

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“RECKLESS’ drivers have been caught speeding at almost double the limit on the Sheffield road where a 14-year-old schoolgirl was killed.

Almost 500 motorists have been clocked exceeding 30mph in a series of spot checks which have been carried out at Normanton Hill in the wake of the death of Jasmyn Chan.

The South Yorkshire Safety Camera Partnership made the area a site of community concern following the tragedy in May. Extra speed limit signs have been erected on the road, but the nine speed checks proved motorists are continuing to drive dangerously. On one occasion, a car overtook another vehicle at a pedestrian crossing while travelling at 66mph.

Coun Jack Scott, Sheffield Council’s road safety spokesman, said: “Despite the tragic events earlier this year and the additional signage installed along the road, reckless motorists are still speeding along this route.”

Fines have been issues to offenders and the council had promised to continue its enforcement action.

Resident Sandra Bradley said: “It’s shocking to see how many people are still speeding down this road.”

* A 32-year-old man was charged in connection with Miss Chan’s death earlier this week. Naseeb Ellahi of Ash Road, Birmingham, and formerly of Sheffield, has been charged with six offences. He will appear at Sheffield Magistrates Court on Tuesday October 7.