Cash needed for Bradford crematoria

AS MUCH as £17m needs to be spent on improvements to Bradford's crematoria so they remain fit for purpose.

Proposals include a new purpose built facility within the next three years in the south of Bradford to replace Scholemoor Crematorium followed by another in the Keighley/Shipley area within the next five years to replace Nab Wood.

The replacement of the existing cremator at Oakworth Crematorium with a mercury filtering cremator is also on the cards. All three crematoria buildings are currently over 110 years old and all have limited facilities and capacity particularly within the chapels.

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The plans, to be discussed at a meeting of Bradford Council’s executive, say investment is needed too to prepare identified land for the continuation of the Muslim Burial Ground at Scholemoor beyond 2021.

A business case will be developed to test that the estimated investment is cost neutral over a 15-20 year period.

Coun Sarah Ferriby said: “It is important that we invest in future provision.”