Cash reward offer to catch dirty dog owners

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A PARISH councillor is so fed up of dog fouling that he is offering £100 of his own money to catch those responsible.

Councillor Ian Lyons, who sits on Baildon Parish Council, Bradford, said residents had finally had enough of the mess.

“Residents are tired of irresponsible dog owners failing to clean up their mess but it is notoriously difficult to prosecute owners.

“I’m offering this reward to anyone who reports dog fouling that leads to a successful prosecution. We have to change the culture in Baildon and I want everyone to be the eyes and ears of our community.

“If I had my way, this reward would be paid by those who are caught. In the meantime, I’ll pay for it myself.”

Councillor Lyons, who is a former soldier, a school governor and a Liberal Democrat, said people wanting to report dirty dog owners had to be willing to make a statement and provide a name and address of the dog owner.

He is urging complainants to contact Bradford Council’s dog warden service.

The council has the power to issue a dog owner with an £80 fixed penalty notice.

Anyone who would like details of the reward can contact Councillor Lyons on email at

Bradford Council’s website provides an online form for those wanting to name and shame dog owners responsible for fouling.

The website warns: “People who allow their dogs to foul could be issued with a £80 fixed penalty notice or prosecuted and fined up to £1000 with a criminal record.

“If you have witnessed dog fouling, you know the name and address of the owner and are willing to make a statement we can issue the owner with an £80 fixed penalty notice. You can report the incident using the online form or by contacting the Dog Wardens on 01274 433927.”

In January the council said the dog fouling ‘hotspots’ included Baildon, Bingley and Great Horton.