Cat lovers come to aid of Eric after attack

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GENEROUS animal lovers donated £700 to pay for surgery which saved a stray kitten’s life –but the final bill could top £1,600.

Eric the kitten’s life was hanging in the balance after he was savaged by a dog in Pudsey, near Leeds, two weeks ago. Since then he has had his badly injured tail amputated and broken bones in two legs have been repaired only for him to develop a life-threatening infection.

Now, after his third operation in 10 days, Eric appears to be finally on the mend. Almost 40 people have made individual donations to cover the initial bills.

The costs stand at around £1,000 but are expected to rise to £1,600, according to Bradford Cat Watch Rescue Kittens, which rescues and rehomes cats.

Katie Lloyd, who co-ordinates the charity, said: “Eric has won the support of many people, however the initial estimate for the veterinary care was between £500 and £600, which then quickly rose to an estimate of £700.

“Unfortunately, since the full extent of his injuries have been revealed and the complications that have arisen the veterinary costs currently stand at around £1,000 and there is a lot more care and veterinary intervention ahead.”

Thankfully, Eric is on the road to recovery and two days ago stood up on all four paws for the first time in two weeks.

“Eric walked to his food dish and stood for around two minutes whilst eating, then sat up and ate the rest. This is a huge step for Eric.”

Bradford Cat Watch Rescue Kittens, based in Eccleshill, is run by volunteers and relies on donations from the public to fund its work. The centre can be contacted on 07942 822509.