CCS goes for the Eco Cooling effect

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INTERNET service provider CCS has invested in an eco-friendly air conditioning system for its new data centre in Leeds.

As part of a £150,000 investment in the new data centre which can house 4,800 servers, the company has installed the system from Eco Cooling which it says will “significantly reduce the company’s energy costs and carbon emissions”. The system, which was part-funded with a £36,000 grant from the Carbon Trust, harnesses the natural process of evaporation to provide the cooling.

Managing director Peter Knapp said: “At a time when many companies are cutting back on capital investment at CCS we believe it is vitally important that we continue to invest in the best IT infrastructure to ensure that existing and new clients benefit from the best possible service.

“Our new data centre in Leeds is as advanced as any in the world. Moreover, while the Eco Cooling systems underscores the CCS’s commitment to the environment it also means that we can significantly reduce our costs which will be passed on to our customers in the corporate sector.”