CCTV cameras stolen by thieves in Doncaster

CCTV cameras have been stolen from homes and businesses in Doncaster.

Some residents have CCTV cameras installed in their homes

Over recent weeks there have been a number of thefts in and around Thorne.

South Yorkshire Police is urging all thefts to be reported

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Crime reduction officer, Eamonn Larkin, said some cameras may have been stolen to cover up other crimes.

“CCTV cameras which have been correctly installed and positioned can greatly assist police in the prevention and detection of crime," he added.

“Thieves understand this and will sometimes go to great lengths to avoid having their crimes recorded on CCTV, therefore damaging them or in some cases, as we’ve seen recently, stealing them.

“While some residents may not see the theft of a camera as something worth reporting, it definitely is and we want to encourage anyone who has had a camera stolen, either from their business or their home, to report it to us.

“Those responsible for stealing these CCTV cameras could go on to steal other items so it’s important that each incident is reported so we can look in to it and identify those involved."

Anyone with information should call South Yorkshire Police on 101.