Changes to Whitby's on-street parking to be rejected

Plans to make alterations to rules governing Whitby's on-street parking look set to be been thrown out by county council officers, who insist that the current restrictions should remain in place year-round.

Whitby Harbour by Dennis Reed.
Whitby Harbour by Dennis Reed.

Officers considered whether controlled parking zones should only be in seasonal operation from March 1 to October 31.

But after examining a number of factors, they have concluded that the current set-up should remain in place throughout the year.

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The report says: “The on-street parking comes under less pressure in the winter months; however there are events within the winter months which continue to create demand for structured parking, such as Christmas and spring half term.”

The controlled parking zone first commenced operation in 2014, covering the most heavily congested areas of on street parking, to support the operation of the park-and-ride scheme.

The scheme introduced all-year-round measures which included one-hour disc parking closest to shops where there had previously been 40-minute limited waiting, and two hours elsewhere in the zone where previously there had been no restrictions.

The two-hour bays were later increased to three hours in 
early 2016 after a public consultation.

The county council’s report highlights the number of free unlimited parking spaces that are available in off-street car parks managed by the borough council, as one of the key reasons for keeping the restrictions.