Changing face of business

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From: Ron Carbutt OBE, Tivydale Drive, Cawthorne, Barnsley.

BUSINESS Editor Bernard 
Ginns posed the question (Yorkshire Post, December 17) “who is more important to the regional economy? The wealth creators or (sic) their accountants, advisors”.

This brought to mind a board meeting at a family-owned Huddersfield textile company where the accountant dared to offer his considered opinion.

The chairman scathingly 
turned on him and said: “Shurrup lad, tha’s nobbut the scorer.”

How things have changed!

Misplaced town

From: Gillian Paddock, Park Avenue, Hull.

SINCE when was Immingham moved to Yorkshire? I’m no geography hotshot, but even I know that Immingham (Yorkshire Post, December 18) is on the south bank of the River Humber and therefore firmly in Lincolnshire.

Shame on the Yorkshire Post.

Editor’s note: We’re sorry for this unintentional error. Back to the geography board.

Significant park

From: Nat Wendel, Hull.

WE should be delighted with the news of the go ahead for the Energy Park on the Humber. This has huge significance, not just for the region but for the UK as a whole.

It is shameful, therefore, that the announcement of such national importance was left to a junior Minister who is not even in the Cabinet.

The Conservatives just don’t get the North, do they?

Mixed blessings

From: Mrs Annie Painter, Spring Lane, Crofton.

REFERRING to the letter from Ruthven Urquhart (Yorkshire Post, December 18) citing that ‘God’s presence at this time is the greatest present to us all’, I am sure all the starving, homeless, ill people on his earth will be joyful and feel blessed to hear this.