Charity begins at home – so halt all foreign aid

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From: Peter Hyde, Kendale View, Driffield.

once again, the TV coverage that is not concerned with the Olympics is telling us that we are in a double dip recession – and yet we could save a lot of the financial problems we have by not giving money away so freely.

We are not in the eurozone and yet we are obliged to give money we don’t have to Europe.

We are fighting an expensive war in Afghanistan, which has nothing to do with the safety of this country and the situation there will go back to square one when we do finally leave. Such a corrupt nation cannot be saved by the endeavours of our young men and women.

The old adage charity begins at home should be applied and we should stop giving aid – that is to say money – we don’t have, to all and sundry who come with a begging bowl. Look after ourselves and, when we can, look after others but not before.

From: Dorothy Cope, Beckwithshaw, Harrogate.

i FEEL very strongly and I am sure many others feel the same, that all overseas aid, apart from that given for famine and floods, should be stopped for the next five years, when it could be reconsidered.

The millions of pounds saved could be spent on the dire needs of our own country.

This Government doesn’t seem to be aware of how the average citizen of this once great country is struggling to exist.

We are all desperate, the cost of living has gone sky high, businesses are at a standstill, manufacturing and utilities 
have virtually been sold off 
to other countries and there 
is no light at the end of the 

Where are the statesmen 
who could get us out of 
this mess and get our own wonderful country back on 
its feet?