Charity support for all troops

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From: Elisabeth Baker, Chairman, West Yorkshire Committee, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity.

I WAS interested to see Colonel Bob Stewart’s article on the Territorial Army and the plans 
for its future (Yorkshire Post, 
May 4).

Readers will be pleased to 
know that ABF The Soldiers’ Charity (formerly called the 
Army Benevolent Fund), 
which is the Army’s central charity, supports ALL soldiers and ex-soldiers, regulars or Territorials, and their 
families, in time of need – 
 for life.

It is gratifying to know that 
in this aspect of the soldiers’ service at least, there is and 
never will be any distinction between the regular and 
reserve forces.


From: Sheila Seymour, Northfield Court, Church Fenton, Tadcaster.

YOUR daily Horace & Doris cartoons provide much amusement. Indeed I save 
them to include in cards for 
ill friends.

However your intrepid cartoonist, Morris, has made an error (Yorkshire Post, May 3). Stand up and Fight comes from Carmen Jones. Oscar Hammerstein took Bizet’s opera, Carmen, giving it a new setting and different words.

Drain brain

From: Iain Morris, Caroline Street, Saltaire, Bradford.

WITH regard to the broad 
waters of the Humber dividing Hull and Grimsby, I did read somewhere that one fifth of the land surface of England drains into the Humber.