Charity website crashes under donation strain

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The charity Help For Heroes was swamped with so many donations yesterday that its website crashed.

Supporters took to Twitter and social networks in a bid to boost the charity’s coffers after the soldier killed in Woolwich was reported to have been wearing a Help For Heroes T-shirt.

Celebrities such as Michael Vaughan, the ex-England cricketer, and the adventurer and broadcaster Ben Fogle were among those urging well-wishers to donate.

The charity later expressed thanks for the “extraordinary demonstration of support”.

Posting a statement on its holding page, it said: “We would like to reassure all our volunteers, fundraisers and supporters that all scheduled events will go ahead as planned. Thousands of people have visited our website wishing to donate or to buy H4H T-shirts in an extraordinary demonstration of support and defiance of terrorism. “We are working hard to respond to this level of activity.”

The charity is also likely to get a financial boost from well-wishers taking part in runs and marathons.