Cheap but not cheerful buses

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From: Raymond E Myers, Sefton Terrace, Leeds.

ONCE again, Metro has pulled an amazing stunt. They have withdrawn the number 61 service from Tempest Road, Beeston, leaving one of the most deprived areas of the city with no bus service to the busy Hunslet shopping centre.

How are we now supposed t o get to Morrisons for our weekly shopping? Well done Metro!

Charlie Mann, Church Street, Oughtibridge, Sheffield.

REGARDING the bus fare rises for children (Yorkshire Post, January 30), it is unlikely it shall reduce those using the bus for travel.

It is the most economical means of travel even at 60 pence, and often the only means of public transport to many destinations, as the classical ‘can you give me a lift?’ plea to one’s parents no longer works due to the high fuel prices.

Jubilee time to honour Philip

From: J G Riseley, Harcourt Drive, Harrogate.

AM I alone in feeling that it would be an appropriate gesture in this jubilee year for the style of “King Consort” to be conferred upon HRH Prince Philip?

It is inevitable, now the rules of succession have been changed to be gender neutral, that this distinction will be granted to a son-in-law of the preceding monarch in roughly half the future generations of royalty.

The only alternative consistent with the new equality would be to abolish the title of “Queen Consort”; is that likely to prove acceptable? If we are to have kings by marriage, what better time to start than now?

Keep out the foreign invader

From: BJ Cussons, llkley.

TWO generations of our forebears risked life and limb to protect our country from invasion. Yet our present generations are allowing in all and sundry and the resultant problems of housing, medical, education needs will soon become unsolveable. We must take action now.