Cherished views should get priority in wind farm decisions

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From: Gerry Smith, Ellingstring.

IT can only be hoped that the threat of 36 massive wind turbines near Harrogate, that will destroy the cherished views for so much of the Yorkshire Dales will bring home to many how real the threat is to this stunning area where we are so privileged to live.

Most will not be aware of at least four other such like intentions elsewhere in the Dales that are either at the planning application stage or where the developers are just waiting for the right moment to activate.

One such proposed wind farm is close to, and between, the villages of Wath, Melmerby and Hutton Conyers, covering an area of nearly 1.5 miles with seven 125m high turbines; the land for which has already been contracted to the wind farm developer. Such is its location and size it will most likely become the focal point from Fountains Abbey, Hackfall Gardens, Ripon Cathedral, as well as other treasured vistas from many miles around. The more local impact on the nearby villages and their residents will be immense. Full details can be found by an internet search on “wind farm Ripon”.

Ineffective onshore wind farms have been so rightly described as the biggest scam of all time – do we really want to sit back and surrender the treasured Dales and Vales to this scandal?

From: Peter Almond, Leeds Road, Harrogate.

LET no one be in any doubt whatsoever that the assault by subsidy hungry wind farm developers on the stunningly beautiful Dales is only just beginning.

The current eight 97m turbines at Knabs Ridge will be dwarfed by the 28 turbines, up to 125m high, intended by Kelda Water to be their neighbours.

They say the pen is mightier than the sword – let feelings be known.

From: Helen Clancey, Palace Road, Ripon.

THE proposal that could well result in 36 massive wind turbines near Harrogate should send a shiver down the spine of all who love the Dales.

In itself, this will be disaster, defacing treasure vistas for many miles including heritage sites such as Fountains Abbey and Ripley Castle.

Of course this is just the very start of the onslaught which in the near future will destroy everything that makes this area so very special.

If there was any good reason for what will be the eventual destruction of the Yorkshire Dales there could be some reasonable argument, but of course it is just about the vast subsidies that the developers will earn.

From: Brian Wells, Hebden Bridge.

recent reports and articles confirm that wind turbines are inefficient and harm the environment. Is it not time to see them for what they are?

Costly ornamental structures in appropriate places – in a word follies.

From: Mrs Emma Claxby, Ripon Road, Killinghall, Harrogate.

PERHAPS Richard Flint, CEO of Kelda (Yorkshire Post, February 1), could kindly explain through this paper why it appears he really does have the destruction of the Yorkshire Dales and its heritage sites so high on his priority list.

Kelda continue to pursue their obsession for giant wind turbines over places such as Jervaulx Abbey in Wensleydale and now there is Knabs Ridge that will result in a wind farm of 36 massive turbines which will be seen for miles across the Dales including Fountains Abbey and Ripley Castle.

With Kelda owning a multitude of highly sensitive sites elsewhere in the Dales, we can only watch and wait to see where else he intends to strike next.

From: John A Pashley, Westcliffe Avenue, Baildon.

PERHAPS the negative economic effect of wind turbines is greater than that expressed in David Tankard’s letter (Yorkshire Post, February 7). Could it be that the German company Siemens agreeing to accept a massive subsidy to build wind turbines in the UK has anything to do with their being given the contract to build trains for the British railway system in Germany?