Children given safety advice in bid to prevent road deaths

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CHILDREN are being given safety advice to prevent fatalities as fears grow over the increasing amount of traffic on North Yorkshire’s 5,000-mile network of roads.

A new child pedestrian training scheme has been launched by North Yorkshire County Council’s road safety officers who have joined forces with primary school teachers.

The move comes amid warnings over the increasing amount of traffic on the county’s roads, prompting worries that youngsters will be more at risk.

There were three fatalities and 10 serious injuries involving children aged up to 15 on the county’s roads in the first six months of this year. There were two fatalities and nine serious injuries during the same period last year.

The county council’s executive member for highways, Coun Gareth Dadd, said: ”Using the roads and travelling safely are amongst the greatest challenges children face as they grow up.

“With more vehicles on our roads than ever before, the margin for error is much reduced.

“Children need help to develop the skills they need to stay safe whilst gaining independence and being able to get around.

“The training and teaching that children receive through the child pedestrian training programme is one part of the effort needed to help them to become a safer pedestrian.

“It is hoped that parents, guardians and other family members will continue to help their children to develop their skills as pedestrians, and they will be encouraged to walk more often as part of a healthier lifestyle.”

The new programme, dubbed Street Feet, has been developed for primary school children to ensure they obtain road safety skills ahead of their move up to secondary school.

It is being delivered by teaching staff, parent helpers and volunteers and all primary schools will receive a pack of resources this term. The training consists of classroom activities as well as practical roadside sessions, delivered in lesson time.

Last term, a new resource pack called Road Safety in the Curriculum was sent out to all the county’s schools.

It is believed to be the first time that road safety has been fully integrated into the curriculum in England.