Children need carers says foster champion

A FOSTER carer who has looked after more than 100 children over the last 34 years has been given an award for her work at the start of national Foster Care Fortnight.

Janet Roberts, of Doncaster, is the town’s longest-serving foster parent, and was presented with a certificate by mayor Peter Davies for what he called her “outstanding contribution”.

Mrs Roberts, who was invited to meet Mr Davies at Doncaster’s Mansion House, said: “I am honoured to receive such special thanks for something that has become very much part of my every day life.

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“I love fostering children and still enjoy it today as much as the day I started.

“While it can be challenging, it’s very rewarding and I would urge anyone who is considering fostering a child to give it a try.”

Mr Davies said: ‘We value all of our foster carers and the work that they do to improve children’s lives.

“It’s important that we recognise their work and I am delighted to meet Janet and thank her personally for her commitment to fostering.

“34 years as a foster carer is a local record and something I wanted to acknowledge personally.”

According to the national Fostering Network, a child comes into care and needs fostering every 22 minutes in the UK.

Its deputy chief executive Raina Sheridan, said: “We desperately need more people to come forward and foster.

“Our 22 Minutes campaign is all about spreading the word as widely as possible, raising awareness of the amazing job foster carers do in helping children to turn their lives around, and encouraging people to consider if they have the skills to foster.”

The Fostering Network can be contacted by calling 0800 040 7675 or by emailing [email protected]