Children with speed cameras pull over the Mayor

CHILDREN helping police catch speeding motorists in Doncaster were surprised to pull over the town's mayor, Peter Davies.

The English Democrat elected mayor was caught driving over the 30mph speed limit by pupils from Intake Primary School, who were assisting police officers monitoring drivers' speeds on Shaftesbury Avenue, close to the school building.

Mayor Davies yesterday questioned the validity of the pupils' exercise.

He added: "I do not condone speeding and fully accept that I was driving at 33mph in a 30mph zone, slightly above the limit.

"I am pleased this has been brought to my attention and will be more careful in future.

"Whilst I fully support the police in managing the speeds on our roads I do not support children being out of school for this sort of activity.

"Road safety can be delivered in the classroom alongside English and maths and schools should be concentrating on these basics."

A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police confirmed that Mayor Davies was not fined or given points on his licence following the incident, but was "spoken to" by officers.

The speed check was taking place as part of a "Neighbourhood Alliance" project which has got under way in the Intake area of Doncaster.

Similar initiatives regularly take place across the country and, in some cases, the schoolchildren design anti-speeding posters to be handed out to those drivers caught exceeding the limit.