CHINESE NEW YEAR: Prepare for a colourful festival in Leeds

The Leeds Chinese Community Association is once again hosting a Chinese New Year Festival to celebrate the arrival of 2017's 'Year of the Rooster.'

Date:7th February 2016. Picture James Hardisty. Leeds Chinese Community Association Lion Dance Troupe, welcoming the Chinese New Year 2016 of the Monkey, during ceremony inside the Victoria Quarter, Leeds.

A wide range of cultural experiences are set to feature at the event later this month including dancing, music, acrobatics and Tai Chi, a traditional Chinese martial art.

Trade stands have also been organised to offer a variety of Chinese food, crafts, beauty and face painting.

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Leeds has a long history of association with China and its people and the LCCA says a lot of support has already been shown for this year’s festival.

Judy Pease, deputy chair volunteer of the association, said itl will help bring even more Chinese culture to the city and will “contribute to the growth of Leeds in the future.”

She said: “The Chinese community here covers all age groups and includes those who study at local schools and universities, those who work and those who rely on care.

“Leeds City Council is a great supporter of the Chinese community of Leeds.”

The LCCA was founded in 1995 as a charitable voluntary organisation and over the past 12 years it has built a strong reputation among the Chinese community in Leeds.

It has helped to improve the needs of the local community in areas such as health, arts, education and language skills.

Chinese New Year has long been a traditional celebration of prosperity and good fortune, and it is a chance for the community to take stock with their families of the year ending and look forward at the year ahead.

The festival will recognise the importance of the Chinese culture for the city’s future as it develops its links with China and the business, cultural and educational benefits it will bring to the city.

Mrs Pease added: “It’s important to recognise Chinese culture, which has contributed to the work of the city for decades and will continue to contribute to the growth of Leeds in the future. It’s also a chance to keep Chinese traditions alive.”

The Festival is taking place at Leeds Town Hall from 11am on January 29. Tickets are available from the Town Hall booking office.


The rooster is the tenth animal out of 12 in the Chinese zodiac.

It begins on January 28 and is celebrated by a 15-day festival, which lasts from the first to the 15th day of the lunar month.

The Chinese community celebrates a year of hard work and wishes for a lucky, prosperous year - although Rooster years are said to be the most unlucky for those born in them.