Christian message is important in our times

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From: Mr P Harrison, Aberfield Drive, Belle Isle, Leeds.

AT a time of uncertainty in finance, commerce and 
industry, and in view of the many changes that are going on or will be in all sorts of situations affecting different people in all areas, working or unemployed, things could be lost, or have already been lost. Important things.

Could this be the time to bring to mind the religion of this country? Christianity is a beautiful religion of truth, honesty, straightforwardness, kindness – everything that lifts man higher than his lower self, if allowed to rule.

That we have this ability to act from our higher self, which I believe to be the Christ Impulse, surely should be able to determine our actions in every day living.

From: Dick Appleyard, Saxilby, Near Lincoln.

at this time of the year, if I go into a town I usually find a few shops playing that 1970s tune from Roy Wood and his band Wizzard entitled I Wish it Could be Christmas Everyday.

Maybe we should ask readers if they do wish it was Christmas everyday in The Yorkshire Post opinion poll? I am sure that some of the readers will feel that they have had enough of Christmas by Boxing Day.