Christmas Dachshund walk goes ahead at Roundhay Park in Leeds

Dog owners turned out to Roundhay Park in Leeds for an annual Christmas walk for Dachshunds.

Dachshunds in Roundhay Park.

More than 290 dogs and over 500 of their faithful owners enjoyed the event yesterday morning.

And many of the dogs and owners had their Christmas jumpers on for the occasion.

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Formed in 2012, The Yorkshire Dachshund Group was initially set up by mother and son Dee and Christopher Campbell to encourage sociable walking events around the region with like-minded people.

The annual event gives dog owners a chance to socialise.

The Facebook group now has more than 4,000 members, with walks throughout Yorkshire.

Member Melanie Nicholson said: "The Group has enabled owners to make friends and discuss the joy and challenges of dog ownership, and gain up to date health tips and advice for these characterful little dogs.

"Being a very fashionable dog to own at the moment, the group also offers advice and support for those dogs and owners affected by IVDD - Invertibrate disc disease, which affects one in four daschunds."

A Dachshund in full Santa costume.