Christmas stories from the archives: Cupid's Christmas 23rd December 1950

The first couple to be married at Leeds Register Office today arrived in darkness, before 8 a.m.

They led a Christmas rush of 63 weddings, conducted at the rate one every three and a half minutes.

Mr W. H. Schofield, Superintendent Registrar, was up at 5.45. He and his staff arrived at the Register Office at 7.30 am to cope with the 63 weddings — the largest number this year — Mr Schofield was helped by his Assistant Registrar. Mr. G Taylor.

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Christmas is also a popular season for announcing engagements. In tonight’s Evening Post 108 engagements are announced - five more than on Christmas Eve last year.

Although it was slightly warmer in some parts of Britain today, weather experts have not ruled out the possibility of snow during Christmas.

Latest forecast is: Moderate East Northeast winds, cloudy, with occasional sleet, rain or drizzle and with some snow on the hills in the North.

Further outlook: Little change.

An official of one large bus company said “We had over 2,500 bookings for Blackpool alone this morning and we are runing coaches right through today”.

A line of coaches stretched from the Calls, behind Leeds Corn Exchange, down to Leeds Parish Church, right round it and back again to the Calls today. Passengers formed a long queue.

The rate Christmas postings is slackening and all Yorkshire cities yesterday showed a lower total than that of the day before.

Postings were; Leeds 542,364 Bradford 250,997. Hull, 353.100; York. 223,782.

Leeds has posted 5,378,800 letters since December 15.

More than half Leeds schoolchildren will have one to three days extra holiday this Christmas to save 500 tons of fuel used for heating the schools.

The Education Committee has decided to stagger the reopening of schools. Although 107 departments will resume on January 9, 130 others will spread their reopening over three days.

Yorkshire miners are not working today in the Saturday drive for more coal. Instead they will work New Years Eve.

A gang of poultry thieves stole 300 turkeys, worth £1,500 from a Bristol store.

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