Church that should practise what it preaches

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From: J Stead, Leeds Road, Woodkirk, Dewsbury.

YOUR headline “Church fears for future of heritage as costs mount” (The Yorkshire Post, May 10) leads one to believe that you are unaware that the Church Commissioners have already spent millions of pounds on buying up green belt land abutting the boundaries of Leeds, Wakefield and Kirklees in and around the Woodkirk area.

You may also be aware that, several years ago, the Batley Officer of Health stated that the district needed more open spaces rather than less, for the sake of the health of the community and because of the poor state of the residents’ situation which I will refrain from restating here. The Church of England must put its own house in order.

From: Chris Schorah, Gascoigne Avenue, Leeds.

I’M sorry that Brian Sheridan (The Yorkshire Post, May 13) considers me disingenuous in the way I hold to the doctrine that all Christians must practise their faith and patronising because I believe that part of this is telling people about Jesus.

My only defence is that both views are quite Biblical and I’ve found the practising Church such a great place to be, and Jesus so satisfying to follow, that I can’t help telling people about it.