Churchill, sacred mountains and celebrity chefs... Test yourself with our weekend dirty dozen

So you think you know a bit about current affairs? See if you can answer these 12 questions from the past seven days...

Screen grab taken from the Facebook page of Emil Kaminski showing tourists allegedly posing naked on top of Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia, as British woman Eleanor Hawkins and four other westerners were arrested for allegedly posing naked on top of the sacred mountain.

1) A group of trekkers were arrested after being accused of stripping off and posing naked at the summit of which sacred mountain?

a - Mount Trusmadi

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b - Mount Kinabalu

c - Mount Kilimanjaro

d - Mount Kailash

2) Doctors had to remove 42 kidney stones from a man which were caused by him eating too much what?

a - Tofu

b - Hummus

c - Cheese

d - Caviar

3) Which celebrity is donating their daughter’s designer outfits to charity to help Save the Children?

a - Angelina Jolie

b - Victoria Beckham

c - Myleene Klass

d - Mel B

4) Next week marks the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. But what year did its victor, the Duke of Wellington, die?

a - 1822

b - 1842

c - 1852

d - 1862

5) Sir Ian McKellen stars as which famous character in his latest film?

a - Inspector Clouseau

b - Hercule Poirot

c - Sherlock Holmes

d - Kojak

6) Pupils from a school in Leeds were sent on a sporting trip to where?

a - Bridlington

b - Barbados

c - Bermuda

d - the Bahamas

7) Two short films featuring which British star were found in a London skip this week?

a - Sean Bean

b - Richard Burton

c - James Mason

d - Peter Sellers

8) Who made the shock announcement this week that they were stepping down as president of the Bronte Society?
a - Bonnie Greer

b - Germaine Greer

c - Joanne Harris

d - Simon Armitage

9) A new bust of Winston Churchill was unveiled by the Duchess of Cornwall this week, but where can you find it?

a - Chartwell House

b - Parliament Square

c - Westminster Abbey

d - Blenheim Palace

10) Which celebrity chef is opening a new restaurant in his home city of Leeds?
a - Marco Pierre White

b - Brian Turner

c - James Martin

d - Gordon Ramsay

11) The leaders of the G7 met in the Bavarian Alps for their annual summit, but which of these countries is not a member?

a - Canada

b - Italy

c - Russia

d - Japan

12) A Chinese entrepreneur is the brains behind a new 57-storey tower. But how long did it take to build?

a - eight months

b - 19 days

c - six years

d - a week

Answers (don’t peek)...

1)B - Mount Kinabalu. 2)A - Tofu. 3)B - Victoria Beckham. 4)C - 1852. 5)C - Sherlock Holmes. 6)B - Barbados. 7)D - Peter Sellers. 8)A - Bonnie Greer. 9)D - Blenheim Palace. 10)A - Marco Pierre White. 11)C - Russia. 12)B - 19 days.