Circus hits out at calls for boycott

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BOSSES at a circus have hit back at critics calling for the public to boycott its Christmas pantomime being performed with live animals this month in Bradford.

The Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS) claims Circus Mondao uses zebras and camels in its performances, despite the House of Commons passing a unanimous motion to ban the use of “wild” animals in circuses in June.

But circus spokeswoman Petra Jackson said it had nothing to hide and accused animal rights organisations of wanting to ban almost all human interaction with animals including bringing a halt to guide dogs used for the blind and deaf.

She said far from the animals performing in “gruelling” schedules they had a more pleasant and relaxed life than ponies at a riding school.

Ms Jackson added: “There’s nothing gruelling about their lifestyle. Our animals do very little and have a very fulfilled and entertaining life. They get to see what’s going on all the time. People are around them all the time.”

She stressed that the RSPCA and animal welfare officers visit the animals to inspect them and their living conditions.