Clare Teal finds herself wedges between ELO and Coldplay at Glastonbury

Chris Martin of Coldplay performing at the Glastonbury Festival. Picture Ben Birchall/PA Wire
Chris Martin of Coldplay performing at the Glastonbury Festival. Picture Ben Birchall/PA Wire
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Last Wednesday every road leading to Glastonbury came to a complete standstill.

For the three and half years we’ve lived here traffic management for this epic celebration of live music has been very impressive, but last week’s unrelenting rain soon put a stop to that. Thousands of cars were gridlocked for nine or ten hours but by Thursday everything was back to normal... as normal as Glastonbury gets.

As usual our friend Heather, daughter Zoe and boyfriend Tom stayed with us at festival time. Heather looks after jazz singer Gregory Porter who flew in to perform on the Pyramid Stage, what Zoe didn’t know was that Tom had hatched a plan with Mr Porter to help him propose to her in front of the massive audience and television cameras. Thankfully she said yes!

Due to the BBC coverage of the festival, Radio 2’s Sunday schedule was reshuffled to accommodate, I was chuffed to be asked to pick up after ELO at 7pm and entertain the listeners for a couple of hours till Coldplay took over at 9pm.

My weekly show on Radio 2 usually starts at 9pm and we play two hours of brilliant swing and big band records, in this instance I was told to play whatever I wanted that wasn’t swing and big band!

I usually feel pretty confident choosing material for my show but suddenly I was out of my swingy comfort zone. Muddy and I listen to music all the time, much as she has come to love jazz and big band, her first music loves are pretty much every other musical genre you could think of.

Over the last 19 years we’ve introduced each other to all kinds of records and of course discovered plenty of music new and old together along the way. I love Mud’s taste in music so I reckoned if I chose a load of tunes I knew she’d like I’d be ok

Once I started compiling the list I couldn’t stop. Music is so closely linked to memory and the hours flew by most enjoyably.

Of course I regretted this enthusiastic outpouring when I had to spend the next day whittling the list down. In the end I gave up and sent the whole thing to producer Cali to sort out.

If you’re interested to see what the playlist was you can listen again on the BBC iPlayer Radio app.