Clegg promises a digital data clampdown

Nick Clegg paints with nursery school children yesterday
Nick Clegg paints with nursery school children yesterday
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WEBSITE OWNERS would face prison sentences for selling on personal data under plans unveiled by Nick Clegg today.

The Information Commissioner would have stronger powers to investigate companies and consumers would have the right to compensation for signing up to unreadable terms and conditions under a new law proposed by the Liberal Democrats.

The Digital Rights Bill would also commit the government to defending a free press and force online services to correct wrong information about individuals.

The Deputy Prime Minister said: “The way in which we work, socialise, buy products and use services has changed at lightning speed since the digital revolution.

“However, government and politicians have responded at snail’s pace, with a poor understanding of new technology and the impact it is having on our lives.

“We need to ensure that consumers, businesses, journalists and our children are protected in the online world.”

The Liberal Democrats said the Digital Rights Bill would be introduced within six months of the party forming a coalition government.

Mr Clegg spent time painting with children at The Old School House Nursery, in Sheffield yesterday, as the Lib Dems looked to underline their credentials on childcare.

The party wants to give an extra four weeks paternity leave to fathers and extend free early years education to all two year olds.

During his visit, Mr Clegg said the Lib Dems would confound expectations then voters go to the polls on May 7.

“Every single time, for as long as I have been in politics, people have written off the Liberal Democrats, and guess what has happened every single time? “We confound the critics, the cynics, people who shout us down from right or left. We are a very tough, resilient party. I think we took a plucky and brave decision to step up to the plate and rescue the British economy.”