Clegg’s cheap jibes at critics of Europe

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From: Coun Steve Radford, President of the Liberal Party, Sutton Street, Tuebrook, Liverpool.

MANY of us who believe the increasing centralisation of the EU is both politically undemocratic and economically flawed find the constant sniping of EU supporters that anyone critical of the EU is an extremist or xenophobic quite intellectually offensive.

Nick Clegg is reported as stating: “I think we are at our best when we are open. The danger at the moment is because society is under economic stress, xenophobia, chauvinism and polarisation increase.

“You can see it in British politics. This is the perfect environment if you are Nigel Farage or Alex Salmond.

“The people who are trying to exploit the politics of grievance and blame, they believe they have got the wind in their sails. The liberal open society is always under pressure when there is fear and anxiety in society. That does not mean you move off the centre ground. As a deputy prime minister, I will hold on to that centre ground of openness and reason.”

We would rebut the utter droning of Nick Clegg, it is his Lib Dems’ autocratic and arrogant betrayal of their election pledge to give the British people a referendum on the EU constitution, dressed up as a treaty, which is bringing politics into disrepute.

They have no mandate to spend British taxpayers’ billions on bailing out the euro. It is the impotence of the Lib Dems to come clean and state why they believe we should be part of the eurozone that we must expose.

The eurozone will never work unless there is a centralised EU superstate controlling all national tax and spending, the democratic national parliaments would become little more than glorified county councils.

Nick Clegg, stop making cheap jibes at your opponents and put your policies to the people in the ballot box, if you dare.

No real benefits

From: J Bore, Draycott Avenue, Hornsea, East Yorkshire.

FOLLOWING David Cameron’s veto on re-writing European Union treaties, the argument that the UK will have no voice in future EU decisions is irrelevant.

The UK’s voice in Europe has only ever been used twice on behalf of UK interests, once when Margaret Thatcher clawed back some of the money the UK gives to the EU, and again this month with Cameron’s veto. Apart from that, the UK’s voice in Europe has not produced any realistic benefit to the UK, in fact quite the contrary.

As for concerns about future trade, the UK will continue to trade with Europe just as freely as Norway and all the world’s countries inside or outside the EU.

Moreover, while EU countries may continue to condemn the UK for several reasons, you can be absolutely certain that they will still be there with their begging bowls for the UK’s money, and will still continue to plunder our fishing grounds.

Hours stuck in A1 chaos

From: CF Beck, Lindrick Grove, Tickhill, Doncaster.

AFTER the accident on the A1(M) on Friday, the stream of northbound traffic in which I was travelling completely congealed just short of junction 44, where I had intended to turn off, and I was unable to exit the motorway until 6pm.

Sadly, I did not have either my Yorkshire Post or a companion with me (perhaps we might have quarrelled anyway out of sheer cold and boredom) and the tedium was relieved only by seven relatively serene hours of Classic FM.

Would it not have been possible simply to freeze the traffic north of junction 44, while that stretch was cleared, and then require all traffic south of that point to exit on to the A64 and navigate across country to its various destinations?

Cameron the Christian?

From: Jack Lewis, Jubilee Close, Isleham, Ely.

I READ with great interest David Cameron’s comments about the UK being a Christian country.

I have a number of questions. Why has he presided over encouraging the insane PC brigade in damaging Christian expression and freedom of speech?

Why has he supported LGBT rights, which are absolutely contrary to the teachings of Jesus?

Why has he presided over creating “hate” laws that are so variably interpreted that police forces regularly have to apologise and pay out compensation?

If he says we are a Christian country, why does the Church need to speak out against the increasing immorality?

There’s money left to waste

From: Barry Foster, Manor Cottages, High Stakesby, Whitby, York.

TWO reports make me strongly doubt whether this country is really in a recession.

Firstly the rising costs of the Olympic Games and the fact of bringing in all those troops to guard the whole farce. What a waste of our money.

Secondly the disgusting amount of compensation paid to a hospital consultant (Yorkshire Post, December 16) here in Yorkshire who, in my view, should have been quite capable of sticking up for herself like we all have to do in our jobs.