Clegg’s London call-in under fire

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DEPUTY Prime Minister Nick Clegg faced criticism in Sheffield yesterday over his plans to take part in a weekly phone-in show in London’s LBC radio station.

Mr Clegg, MP for Sheffield Hallam, said on Monday that his plan was to “reconnect with voters” using the show, but the idea has been criticised by consituency neighbour Paul Blomfield, Sheffield Central MP.

Mr Blomfield said: “It’s extraordinary that Nick Clegg is trying to reconnect with voters by launching a weekly phone-in with radio listeners in London.

“What a snub to people in the city he’s supposed to represent. Perhaps he’s scared about what they’d have to say to him about the way his Government’s unfair policies are hitting our city.

“Families in Sheffield, who are feeling the squeeze and worried about cuts, will also ask whether Nick Clegg’s time would be better spent doing his day job and tackling the flatlining economy.”