Clues to killer in murder over two decades old

POLICE investigating an unsolved murder carried out more than two decades ago have revealed details they believe could help identify the killer.

Donna Healey, who was from Bradford but worked as a prostitute in Leeds, went missing on the eve of her 18th birthday in March 1988. However, it was not until January 15, 1991, that her partially mummified remains were found dumped on the edge of nursing home grounds at Allerton Park, in the Chapel Allerton area of Leeds.

Announcing a full re-investigation of the murder on the anniversary of the body’s discovery, detectives from West Yorkshire Police’s homicide and major enquiry team have, for the first time, given an insight into the findings of a report by specialists on the case.

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Given the relatively secluded location of the body, they believe the killer lived or worked close to Allerton Park. They also suspect that, having stored the corpse for three years, he had an urgent need to dispose of it.

Det Chief Insp Jon Morgan, who is leading the inquiry, said: “Everything suggests that the answer to Donna’s death lies in the Allerton Park area. It is very unlikely that place was chosen at random.”

He added there was likely to have been a significant change in the killer’s domestic circumstances.

“That could be that they were moving house, or a partner was moving in with them, or there were due to be renovations that would disturb the place where they had stored the body,” he said.