Coachman sees increasing signs of optimism in the caravan industry

Caravan manufacturer Coachman Caravans said there is "cause for optimism" among the industry as it prepares to launch its new range.

The Hull-based firm, founded in 1986, will exhibit its new touring caravan range at the Caravan Extravaganza Weekend at The Lawns in Cottingham on September 4 and 5.

Following a recent successful trade preview show, managing director Jim Hibbs said: "Although the past few years have been very challenging for many in the caravan industry, we have seen strong sales across this period, with the 2010 season being our most successful yet.

"We're still cautious, and we're not about to make sweeping predictions about the economy, but this show was the strongest signal yet for us that there is cause for optimism among the quality sector of the industry."

The firm has revamped its VIP, Laser, and Pastiche ranges with new internal furnishings.

Its Amara range has been completely revamped both inside and out.

Orders from its recent two-day preview event were more than 50 per cent higher than last year.

Mr Hibbs said: "The Lawns is a very important event for us, since it gives everyone the chance to see and feel Coachman's quality for themselves.

"We are looking forward to a successful show in September."