Coastguards sing their festive safety message

Coastguards have launched their own version of a popular Christmas carol to get over a festive safety messages.

Members of Bridlington, Hornsea and Donna Nook coastguard teams took part in the making of the video based on The Twelve Days of Christmas.

Flanked by signs warning that the cliffs could collapse, the team from Hornsea sing: “On the third day of Christmas the Coastguard said to me; ‘Keep away from cliff edges’”.

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Last year, Coastguards dealt with 430 search and rescue incidents over Christmas and New Year. They included people stuck in mud, as well as walkers cut off by the tide and dogs falling over cliffs.

Adam Mainprize, who heads a team of 12 volunteers in Bridlington and will on standby with his 19-year-old son Ross this Christmas, said past call-outs included people wandering off or walking out to sea when they’d had too much to drink.

Mr Mainprize, who is centre manager at Leisure World, Bridlington, said the video, which has already been seen by hundreds of people, was “an excellent way of getting a message over – sometimes they are far too serious and people don’t accept them”.

Chief Coastguard, Richard Martin, said: “Her Majesty’s Coastguard responds to calls every day of the year, sending out rescue teams in all weathers and often at unsocial hours. Christmas is no different.

“But this festive season we created our very own version of Twelve Days of Christmas to make sure people remember some of our key safety messages.

“These include checking the weather and tide times before setting out. The last thing you want to do on that Christmas Day morning stroll is to become cut off by the tide and miss out on lunch.

“If you’re taking the dogs out for a walk on Boxing Day, make sure they’re on a lead, and try not to go too close to cliff edges as they could be slippery or crumbly.”