Coffee and snacks can cost workers £2,500 a year

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Workers fork out more than £2,500 a year typically for small purchases such as coffees, breakfast, lunch and snacks, according to a report.

The research for Visa Contactless found that on average, the amount that people who travel to work spend on these small and regular purchases adds up to £10.59 a day.

Over the course of a year, taking weekends and holidays out of the equation, the total bill comes to £2,541, the Working Day Spend Report found.

Despite the significant annual sum, around a third of people said they do not factor this spending into their budgets.

The survey of more than 2,100 commuters from across the UK found they will typically spend £3.69 on a lunch, £2.09 on hot drinks and £7.09 when popping out to the shops during a break to stock up on food and drink for later in the evening.

The figure of £10.59 is a combined average of the total amount people said they spent in each category.