Coin's face raises recognition question

The design for an official commemorative coin marking Prince William and Kate Middleton's engagement has been unveiled – but royal fans may have trouble recognising the couple.

The Prince and his bride-to-be are featured on one side of the 5 collector's piece being produced by the Royal Mint. An image that bears some likeness to William is shown in profile but Miss Middleton is face on and appears older and to have gained weight. The coin was designed by the Royal Mint's in-house engraving team and has the Queen in profile on the reverse.

The piece is the first royal engagement coin produced by the Royal Mint and was approved by the Queen and William. A Royal Mint spokesman said: 'The inspiration for the design came from photographs of the couple at a sporting event – the play on the traditional portrait is that Prince William is seen in profile, alluding to his royal status.'