Cold comfort to the elderly

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From: Barbara Harrison, Parkside Avenue, Queensbury, Bradford.

THE official statement that there was an increase in deaths of elderly people during last winter’s bitter weather leads me to believe that this, combined with the increased cost of fuel, must surely help the crisis in the National Health Service concerning the problem of an ageing population (a subject often debated).

Fewer old people; less cost to the Health Service. Problem solved. Can it be hoped that the rebate from the gas companies of less than £1 per week will be a cure all?

China folly

From: Norman Mellor, Huddersfield.

AM I the only person to be really embarrassed with our PM going cap in hand to the Chinese for money to build both the new railway system and new power stations? Also, where is the sense of Britain giving aid to a country and then begging for loans that will take decades to pay back?

Great Britain? You must be joking.

Borders shift

From: Michael Meadowcroft, Former Liberal MP, Waterloo Lane, Leeds.

TED Bromund appears to be attached to a curious notion of sovereignty (Yorkshire Post, November 23) even though hardly any country, including those in Europe and certainly including the United Kingdom, has had the same borders over the past century. If he really is so passionate about British sovereignty, I hope he will be consistent and argue for the UK to leave Nato, which is a much greater threat to our sovereignty.