College promoting its own healthy example

A YORKSHIRE college which has pioneered healthy living on campus by appointing a member of staff to inspire her colleagues and students has produced a blueprint showing other further education providers how to follow its example.

Bradford College was the first in the country to take on a healthy college manager when Jane Marshall joined three years ago and it has just been awarded Healthy College status.

Now Mrs Marshall, who had previously worked for the college as a personal trainer and gym instructor, has produced a book to show how healthy living can be promoted as part of a student's education – both in and outside the classroom.

"The book is for anyone working in a college, wanting to implement a healthy further education programme," she said.

"It should be used as a guide. You don't have to use all the information and resources contained within it.

"You can dip in and out and use the information in a way that lends itself to a further education environment. "

She said her hope was that the book would make everyone in the further education sector realise how important staff and student heath is.

The book, A Practical Guide to Becoming a Healthy College, has been co-written by Bradford College's web journalist, Helena Stylianou.

Bradford College was awarded Healthy College status by the Healthy Further Education Framework last month.

Mrs Marshall's work has included giving every student free water and fruit to help them reach their potential in exams and arranging for free porridge to be served in the canteen. She has also advised students on the importance of getting a good night's sleep before exam days.