Colours of India inspire art going on show at exhibition

PAINTINGS by a Yorkshire artist which are inspired by the people and places of the Indian province of Rajasthan will be the focus of a new exhibition to open in Castleford later this month.

Runima Kakoty, who lives in Barnsley, returned from a trip to the region in December and has made several works based on photographs she took in bazaars, street markets and other colourful locations.

Mrs Kakoty, who is originally from India's Assam province, in the north of the country, said she had already staged one exhibition in Barnsley under the title of Colours of Rajasthan.

But she added that the show in Castleford included new work which had been made after her visit to the southern Indian province last year.

Mrs Kakoty said: "I work from photographs because it is a bit difficult to set up an artist's easel in the street because you get jostled and the people there are very nosey.

"But they are delighted when you ask to take their picture and in that region elephants still wander the streets so the scenes are magnificent.

"It's a land of contrasts and it's exactly how you imagine India in your mind".

Colours of Rajasthan opens for previews on January 14 at Castleford's Bridge Art gallery on Sagar Street. It opens to the public on January 17.