Comedian Brand launches charity to help addicts

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COMEDIAN Russell Brand has launched a fund to support people recovering from drug and alcohol abuse.

The Give It Up Fund, which was set up by Brand and will be managed by Comic Relief, helps those leaving drug and alcohol treatment reintegrate into the community.

The cash will help people with housing, finding a job, health needs and will pay for social activities and support groups.

The comedian, who is himself a former drug addict, said: “It’s integral that people entering a life of abstinence after the chaos of addiction have stability, support and a role to play in the wider community.

“With this fund, we have the opportunity to perform a kind of social alchemy, turning hapless –often smelly – junkies into helpful busy bodies, pottering about and contributing.”

Three pilot schemes will manage “recovery communities” to support those in need. Comic Relief will also be awarding grants up to £5,000 to groups run by people recovering from addiction and other organisations.