Comfort foods boost Waitrose sales

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WAITROSE reported its strongest sales growth of the year last week, with total sales up by 14.5 per cent.

The upmarket grocer said snowfall across much of the country prompted shoppers to stock up on warming food and drink.

This was in stark contrast to the same time last year when the warmer weather saw shoppers dusting off their barbecues.

Sales through the online grocery shopping site also rose by 61.3 per cent on last year, as many customers decided to carry out their shopping from the comfort of their own homes instead of braving the freezing temperatures outside.

Shoppers spent time indoors cooking up hearty meals for their friends and family – sales of lamb joints rose 49 per cent on last year, pre-packed pork joints by 28 per cent and pre-packed beef joints by 31 per cent.

To accompany roast dinners, sales of potatoes rose by 42 per cent, root vegetables including parsnips and carrots by 30 per cent and frozen Yorkshire puddings by 34.5 per cent.

Hot desserts were also popular.