Community effort made food festival a success

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From: Tom Naylor-Leyland, Malton Food Lovers Festival.

MAY I, on behalf of the Malton Community Interest Company (CIC), thank everyone who contributed to this year’s Malton Food Lovers Festival?

The CIC is dependent upon the co-operation and input it receives from both individuals and organisations.

Without this support we 
could not run the festival – it truly is a concerted effort and we are most grateful to the volunteers, sponsors, stall 
holders and so many people in the town who gave their 

Special mention to volunteer groups from the rugby club and the Rotary Club, as well as to Ryedale District Council’s Street Scene team for full collaboration to maintain a clean and tidy environment.

Malton Town Council also helped present the town beautifully on the day and safety was enhanced by the presence of community police officers from North Yorkshire Police.

Local sponsors Country Warmth ensured chefs had top-of-the-range cooking equipment while Paul Tate-Smith looked after the needs of wine enthusiasts.

Your newspaper provided added publicity and information for festival goers, while Jeremy Powell of the Palace Cinema provided the festival radio 
station, keeping everyone informed and entertained over the weekend.

Musicians, chefs, schools, 
clubs, businesses – it really 
was wonderful seeing the 
town pull together to stage Malton’s biggest annual 

The town was full of residents and visitors enjoying themselves, a sign of Malton’s continued popularity and growing reputation.

It was uplifting – and a real community effort!