Commuters complain of "vile" sewage smell at Doncaster railway station

Rail commuters in Doncaster are kicking up a stink - over a sewage smell at the town's main station.

Commuters have been complaining of a sewage smell at Doncaster railway station.

Several rail users have highlighted the odour over the last few days - and are calling on rail bosses to sort out the issue.

Fed up train passengers have taken to Twitter and Facebook to complain about the pong,which they say is raw sewage leaking into the building.

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On Twitter. Gavin Powers‏ asked station operators Virgin what they were doing to tackle the issue and wrote: "Does @Virgin_TrainsEC have plans to properly sort the vile sewage issue at #Doncaster Station? Rail travel already stinks. Didn't need this!

And in an earlier message he wrote: "Bewildering how #Doncaster station can spend millions on idiotically placed Platform0, yet can't fix a foul sewage leak been there years!"

Another Twitter user, Char‏ @charvanderlijn wrote: "Doncaster train station has *I assume from the pungent smell* sewage water running down the stairs so we had to get in the only lift."

On Facebook, Johnathon Harris wrote: "The stench of raw sewage is overpowering in Doncaster station right now."

We have contacted Virgin for comment.