Company that is helping to give sports stars a voice

WHEN you've done "time" in one of Britain's best known fictional jails it shouldn't be hard to control an audience of lawyers and accountants.

Actress Victoria Pritchard, who is probably best known for her appearances in the hit TV series Bad Girls, Holby City and Emmerdale, is one of the driving forces behind Redvoice, a small business that helps entrepreneurs and sports stars to find their true voice.

The Leeds-based company was co-founded by Ms Pritchard and Helen West in October 2009.

The company has nine associates, who are known as the collective. They are experts in voice, body language and camera technique.

Ms Pritchard said: "What people are really starting to notice is the importance of communicating within business."

The recession had highlighted the fact that it is vital to develop strong relationships with customers, she said. She added: "The businesses that are surviving are those that have strong relationships with their customers.

"Everything we do at Redvoice is experiential. It's about getting people on their feet and finding out what their verbal and non-verbal communication says about them."

Redvoice offers clients help with communication and presentation skills, and also provides media training and interview coaching.

"Most of the time people are surprised to see what the impact of their communication is,'' said Ms Pritchard.

"It's always important to focus on the positive aspects of communication and the areas that need improving.

"What we do at Redvoice is give people the toolbelt, if you like, to go away and make changes and develop their verbal and non-verbal communication.

"When you're doing something that doesn't work and you're aware of why it doesn't work you are well on the way to changing that permanently. Businesses are seeing the value of communication and they are feeling the effects of having cut back on training budgets and marketing budgets."

Initially, the business has focused on the M62 corridor, and its clients have included lawyers and accountants who want to find more effective ways of promoting themselves to potential clients.

Ms Pritchard added: "What's fantastic about Yorkshire is that there are so many sports people in a very small region. We have teamed up with Field, an organisation that specialises in offering services to sports people.

"We're helping both professional sportsmen and up and coming sportsmen to improve their confidence and get them out doing media interviews."

Although she was keen for Redvoice to expand, Ms Pritchard said maintaining the quality of service was of paramount importance.