Computer comic: Yorkshire helps out McIntyre

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FANS of Michael McIntyre will soon see the comedian in a very different light, thanks to some technical wizardry supplied by a Yorkshire company.

The audience may recoil in horror when they watch the big screen during McIntyre’s forthcoming Showtime tour.

McIntyre will look a trifle odd when he appears in a 60-second film, which will be played before he walks on to the stage.

McIntyre will appear on screen in his dressing room with rotting teeth and a bald head. Suddenly, he will turn to the camera and say, ‘Suit me up!’ at which point the dressing room will disappear, revealing a space age environment.

Robots will carry sections of his suit towards him, while the wrinkles and other signs of ageing disappear, thanks to CGI (computer-generated imagery).

The short film is the work of Mask Creative, a company based in Batley, West Yorkshire, which has produced promotional work for clients including Leeds-based supermarket chain Asda and Norwich City football club. Mask was asked to create the film by London-based production business Fulwell 73.

Johnny Carr, a director at Mask, co-scripted, shot and produced the film, working with Fulwell 73 directors, Ben Winston and Ben Turner.

Mr Carr said: “It was a huge challenge. The planning was meticulous.

“Working with Michael was great fun; he made our entire crew feel very relaxed, and offered plenty of humour, considering that he’d arrived on set at 7am and spent a good five hours of the day in a hot studio topped with a bald wig and make-up.

“We try to edit with the eyes of craftsmen.”

The film will also be featured on McIntyre’s new DVD, along with a behind-the-scenes film of the day’s work.