Conehead the sheep: RSPCA rescues trapped ewe

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An RSPCA inspector called to reports of a trapped animal was amused to find a sheep with a traffic cone wedged on its head.

The stricken ewe was roaming around a field in Chorleywood, Hertfordshire, unable to dislodge the orange plastic object.

The sheep trapped with a cone on its head

The sheep trapped with a cone on its head

Inspector Rachel Smith had to use all her guile and cunning to prise it off.

Ms Smith said: “She could see over the top of the cone so I had to crouch down and sneak up on her.

“I managed to grab the cone and she backed away from me so she popped right out.

“Although no harm came to this unfortunate sheep, on a serious note people should make sure all hazards are removed from areas that farm animals have access to.”

The charity has since released a short video clip of the incident, which happened on December 4.